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selections from
The Best Poems of 1923
Edited by
Leonard A.G. Strong

In Memoriam - Alice Meynell


  1. Goodbye! by Richard Aldington
  2. Rudkin by Kenneth H. Ashley
  3. Care by Janet Norris Bangs
  4. Magnets by Laurence Binyon
  5. City Girl by Maxwell Bodenheim
  6. Wistaria by Wittner Bynner
  7. Fires by Joseph Campbell
  8. The Widow by Walter De La mare
  9. nobody loses all the time by e.e. cummings
  10. At Ithaca by H.D.

  11. Megalosaurus by Babette Deutsch
  12. The Town Rabbit in the Country by Camilla Doyle
  13. Emperor Tang -- Skeptic by Paul Eldridge
  14. Serenade in Firelight by Arthur Davison Ficke
  15. An Epilogue by Wilfred Wilson Gibson
  16. Earth and Sea by Oliver ST. John Gogarty
  17. Epitaph on a Vagabond by Alexander Gray
  18. Ephemera by Hazel Hall
  19. Chapter Heading by Ernest Hemingway
  20. Sky Line by Prescott Hoard

  21. A Dead Warrior by Laurence Housman
  22. Advertisement by Alfred Kreymborg
  23. The Wanderer by Beaulah May
  24. May the Fruit Never Be Plucked by Edna St. Vincent Millay
  25. Luna by Gerald Miller
  26. On the Train by Harriet Monroe
  27. Men, Women, and Words by Ben Ray Redman
  28. I Was Made of This and This by Gertrude Robinson Ross
  29. Moonlight by Victoria Sackville-West
  30. Orpheus by Osbert Sitwell

  31. Another Generation by J.C. Squire
  32. In the Orchard by Muriel Stuart
  33. The Stricken Peasant by C. Henry Warren
  34. Excerpts from "Kensington Gardens" by Humbert Wolfe
  35. The Puritan's Ballad by Elinor Wylie

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