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Evelyn Underhill (December 6, 1875 June 15, 1941)

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Born in Wolverhampton, England in late 1875, Evelyn Underhill was an English author, Christian (Catholic) spiritualist, lecturer and peace activist; friend and co-author with Rabindranath Tagore. Her volume, Mysticism, published in 1911 was influential and very widely read. She married Hubert Stuart Moore, also a writer, in 1907, but published a total of 30 books under her maiden name. She had many influences, and was herself an active lecturer in person and on radio programs. She was the first woman to lecture to the clergy in the Church of England, and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Aberdeen University. Along with three novels and MANY books on religious topics, Underhill published three volumes of poetry, The Bar-Lamb's Ballad Book (1902), Immanence (1916) and Theophanies (1916).

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[Bigraphical Summary by Steve Spanoudis - sources: Library of Congress, Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, The Evekyn Underhill Association]

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