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To Alison Cunningham

  1. Bed in Summer
  2. A Thought
  3. At the Sea-side
  4. Young Night-Thought
  5. Whole Duty of Children
  6. Rain
  7. Pirate Story
  8. Foreign Lands
  9. Windy Nights
  10. Travel
  11. Singing
  12. Looking Forward
  13. A Good Play
  14. Where Go the Boats?
  15. Auntie's Skirts
  16. The Land of Counterpane
  17. The Land of Nod
  18. My Shadow
  19. System
  20. A Good Boy
  21. Escape at Bedtime
  22. Marching Song
  23. The Cow
  24. The Happy Thought
  25. The Wind
  26. Keepsake Mill
  27. Good and Bad Children
  28. Foreign Children
  29. The Sun Travels
  30. The Lamplighter
  31. My Bed is a Boat
  32. The Moon
  33. The Swing
  34. Time to Rise
  35. Looking-glass River
  36. Fairy Bread
  37. From a Railway Carriage
  38. Winter-time
  39. The Hayloft
  40. Farewell to the Farm
  41. North-west Passage

The Child Alone

  1. The Unseen Playmate
  2. My Ship and I
  3. My Kingdom
  4. Picture-books in Winter
  5. My Treasures
  6. Block City
  7. The Land of Story-books
  8. Armies in the Fire
  9. The Little Land

Garden Days

  1. Night and Day
  2. Nest Eggs
  3. The Flowers
  4. Summer Sun
  5. The Dumb Soldier
  6. Autumn Fires
  7. The Gardener
  8. Historical Associations


  1. To Willie and Henrietta
  2. To My Mother
  3. To Auntie
  4. To Minnie
  5. To My Name-Child
  6. To Any Reader

To Alison Cunningham

From Her Boy

For the long nights you lay awake
And watched for my unworthy sake:
For your most comfortable hand
That led me through the uneven land:
For all the story-books you read:
For all the pains you comforted:

For all you pitied, all you bore,
In sad and happy days of yore:--
My second Mother, my first Wife,
The angel of my infant life--
From the sick child, now well and old,
Take, nurse, the little book you hold!

And grant it, Heaven, that all who read
May find as dear a nurse at need,
And every child who lists my rhyme,
In the bright, fireside, nursery clime,
May hear it in as kind a voice
As made my childish days rejoice!

R. L. S.

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